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18th JANUARY 1943

Me on the left, not the centre
Had a inoculation today.  It sure put me on my back but alright after 24 hours.

20th JANUARY 1943

Today is my anniversary.  Have been married three years and don't regret one day.  This is my second anniversary in India and very much hope I am back home with Olive (wife) for the next one.

The food is getting very bad, yesterdays dinner we could not eat any.

The pictures in Bauragarh collapsed last night and tonight it poured down with rain owing to no roof we all got wet.

22nd JANUARY 1943

We was sitting in the pictures at Bauragarh when a gale blew up and blew half the picture house down, so was told to come next night.  Next night it poured down with rain so we had to run out of the pictures for shelter owing to the roof only made of linen!  We decided to sit in the rain as the picture was half over.

The pro-British prisoners do the operating, they also built the place.

My gramophone keeps going wrong so I sold it, bought Olive her birthday present.

1st FEBRUARY 1943

One of my army mates got me an oil painting done of wife, from one of the stations prisoners of war in the camp. It took him nearly three weeks to do it but he sure made a good job of it, cost twelve rupees.  Now having a pencil drawing of wife.

My mate today went into hospital.

16th FEBRUARY 1943

Sent parcel home to wife for her birthday present.

"Tiger" is lose and supposed to be hanging around camp.

1st MARCH 1943

Bibbies at work
Had two frames made by stations. Nine prisoners escaped yesterday.

Receiving plenty of mail.  Writing every day to wife.

Went to Bhopal.  Pictures last night.

The weather is getting very hot now!

Parcel sent by wife 25.10.42, 29.11.42, 11.1.43.

Some of the army lads got beaten up over the village!

16th MARCH 1943

The sergeant asked my mate and I to do or decorate the mess up, which is just been built. It is the new camp, they are going to pay us for decorating it.  We work over there so we are released from our job for about three weeks or so.

Work! Comes very hard and oh boy don't know what I am going to do after the war.*

* Arthur became a decorator after the war.

22nd MARCH 1943

Received parcel from Olive today. Posted 10.1.43.

18th MARCH 1943

I am now decorating Sergeants Mess up over the new camp, will most probably take three weeks. 

I am going to get paid for it.  Hoping to do up the Officers Mess afterwards.

2nd APRIL 1943

Been to see Cup final, we beat army 4-0.  Played on the prisoners of wars ground.

Been listening to the station dance band which was very good.  Still hoping for the two year plan!

4th APRIL 1943

Bhopal is out of bounds owing to a Decease down there.  Therefore we had no pictures to go to.  Just as fed up as usual.   We caught a Silver Crate Snake.  The length was five foot eleven inches.  they are the most deadliest snake in creation.

We had a very heavy gale which caused great destruction mainly to aircraft.  It tossed them about such like match houses.  One plane was lifted over a fence owing to the gale! We was all detailed to report to the drome and by the look of the destruction it was just like a landmine had been dropped

Tiles from the roof were taken completely off. Ten planes were put N.S (non serviceable). The officers came panicking on the drome today a court of Inquiry was held.

25th APRIL 1943

Today we moved from tents into the new camp.  It is situated more or less out in the wilds. Now studying to be an instructor.

26th APRIL 1943

Easter Monday.  We were allowed a day off today and do we need it, for moving around is quite a tiring job.

14th MAY 1943

Lahore Sport

The CO has confined all airmen to camp owing to someone taking bags from his car while he was in our canteen.  Also one of the lads called he a !!-

PT in the morning.  He said when the airman comes forward he will lift the ban.

29th MAY 1943

The cooks
The cooks

We had a "Cpl Pepper" who died of "sun stroke".  He had only been in India a few months.  He slept in the same billet as me.

Will be glad to get away from the camp.  The canteen is so small.

Still hoping for the two years tour of over seas to come out.

But! Have put my name down for the boat, for June 1944.

The weather is very warm especially in bed during the night.  What a caartns!!

1st JUNE 1943

We had the station band come down to the station to play for us, it was a grand band consisted of about twenty-five. 

Still hoping for two to three years tour of overseas.

8th JUNE 1943

One of the lads Ross while sitting on the tailboard of the "Garri" the back came down, his foot got caught on the Garri and dragged him along with his head bumping on the road.

He died two days later.

19th JUNE 1943

Dehli station
Arrived at Hill Station GHAKARATA (8,000 feet high). 

The journey took three days and what a journey!  The rations consisted of mainly corn beef, breakfast, dinner, peas.  Had no where to wash.  Missed train at one station, and was we glad for we travelled by second class.  Good food. Caught fast train and arrived at the next destination two hours before other train came in. Stayed at Dehli for 10 hours.

We also had a day at Desma Dar.  Was a lovely place, one of the best places I have yet been in, even better than Delhi.  Went to pictures, then 10.30 at night went to circus which was a good show and consisted of mostly Burmese.

Bought wife some dress material, handbag, tablecloth.  Now waiting for pay day!

Plenty of climbing.  Had horse today but he would not move.  Pictures change every day.

31 JUNE 1943

Bhopal 1942
Now going back to Bhopal.  Had two weeks of cool weather but oh boy the bills get you down.  We are getting paid before we go back and do we need it!

Went down in the valley and what a climb back.

Bhopal boys

14th JULY 1943

Now painting airman's mess and looks OK so far.  Monsoon is now on! Only nine months more and we will be waiting for the boat so (Roll On).

25th JULY 1943

Received parcel from wife, posted 24.4.43.

Now painting the COs office out.  Went down Bhopal to get paint distemper.

Taken Christmas day 1943

Taken Christmas Day 1943

29th JULY 1943

Went into hospital today with pains in my stomach suspected appendix, but found out to be not.

Discharged after eight days but today do not feel so grand.

8th AUGUST 1943

Being Sunday I am stopping in bed as I am not feeling near so good.

26th SEPTEMBER 1943

Received parcel which was posted 6.6.43.

Now decorating concert hall up. Style of a (Tudor House) if not very good effect too.

Now going to the educational classes.

Just going to put Tony's photo in album.

29th SEPTEMBER 1943

Came into hospital with "acute tonsils". Temperature was high, head was driving me mad!

17th OCTOBER 1943

This is Sunday morning so I will do my usual writing, nothing interesting to report except the concert was very good. "Oliver Wakefield" flew from Bombay to star in the concert.

Anxious to see "Piano" which Olive bought.

Photo of Oliver Wakefield care of

22nd NOVEMBER 1943

Received parcel from Olive posted 22.7.43

Previous parcel which received last week was posted 2.9.43.

Now waiting to go on Course; Safety Equipment worker ycofe II


This is my second Christmas on this station.

The Christmas dinner was very good (Duck).

I was drunk! Owing to being in a (Bun club) but very glad its over.

10th JANUARY 1944


Now at Poona camp.  I don't mind because its only 3 hours train journey and I will be going there for the boat ready.

We have a pictures on the camp so I don't mind at all.

16th JANUARY 1944

Waiting for some mail from Bhopal to be sent on.

19th FEBRUARY 1944

Went into Poona by bike quite a large town and several picture places.  Went into Chinese restaurant.

Having a little girls dress made and several other things.

Hoping to hear about my boat within next few months.

Tried to get home under medical grounds as my feet getting worse.

But MO said I will definitely be home soon.

16th MARCH 1944

Sent parcel home with food stuff.  Went swimming at Kinkee Sunday.

25th APRIL 1944

Another birthday spent in this wonderful land!

Received birthday card from Olive with postal order.  Waiting patiently now to hear about my boat.

MAY 1944

Still waiting patiently for my boat but it will be here one of these days.

6th JUNE 1944

Second front started today.  Repatriations suspended.

12th JULY 1944

Once again the monsoon is here, I never expected to see another one, but owing to the second front opening there are no troops being repatriated.

Letter from Olive dated 24.7.44 saying blast from flying bomb damaged our house back room ceiling completely down, but the tree in front garden save majority of blast.

21st JULY 1944

Reported sick this morning with pains in my head and terrific cold.

MO informed me I have to go to BGH Hospital 22nd July for medical board (Repatriation).


Have boils in my ear, now sitting up owing to the terrific pain in my ear in fact its unbearable at times. Praying it will level soon as its my fifth night.

Never before have I experienced such pain and does and will drive me mad.

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