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SEPTEMBER 24th 1941

Bombay 1941


We came off the ship today.

That ends our sea journey from Scotland to Bombay.

We was on the ship 60 days altogether.

We had 3 miles walk to a rest camp which I am in now

We are under canvas now and the sun is terrific.

We are allowed out from 1.00 pm to 1.30 am in the morning.

Saw a funeral in Bombay.  Bombay is a place where I would not like to live, very dirty, beggars everywhere.

Went in taxi round Grant Street?

They had women in cages, make us feel sick.

Would not dare walk along there must be full of diseases.
Hindu wedding
Hindu wedding

Saw a lovely Hindu wedding.

Sent wife home Christmas present.

SEPTEMBER 26th 1941

Bombay 1941

Women in Bombay take children to beg with them.

Bombay 1941

OCTOBER 2nd 1941

Came to Lahore October 2nd 1941.

Left Bombay for Lahore. 2 days on train. 1,500 miles.  Slept on bare boards.  Arrive at Lahore October 2nd 1941.

Lahore 1941

Very good food.

Five miles from town.  The weather very hot. Winter starts next month and will not be sorry.

Received no mail from home yet.

The temperature today is 101F and they say that is cold! Winter starts 8 weeks.

Lahore Swimming pool
Posted to 31 Squadron. Also to fire crew.  The food here is very good.  Two fellows out of our tent have gone into hospital.  Doing plenty of swimming.

The weather is very hot and can not do much work.